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Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at Canada

September 2007

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Why I Believe In My Faith?

When: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 : 06:30 PM - 10:00PM
Event Type: Interfaith Symposium
Where: Northern Arts & Cultural Centre
4701 - 52nd Avenue
Yellowknife, BC
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6:30pm Socializing & Light Refreshments

6:55pm Commencement

7:00pm Recitation from The Holy Qur’an and Translation

7:10pm Introductory Remarks

7:20pm Welcome Remarks From Dignitaries

7:30pm Aboriginal Perspective: Mr. Michael Paper

7:50pm Christianity Perspective: Bishop Larry Richardson

8:10pm Islamic Perspective: Mr. Naseem Mahdi 

8:30pm Refreshments

8:50pm Judaism Perspective: Rabbi Itzchak Marmostein

9:10pm Questions Session with Speakers

9:50pm Closing Remarks-Presiding Chair and Moderator

9:55pm Vote of Thanks: Mr. Ch.Mohammad Aslam Shad Regional President,  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, BC